Episode 3 – Why Dynasty Leagues Rule and Dick in a Vise

In this Episode, The Coach and Rusty talk about all the reasons why Dynasty leagues rule, and Redraft leagues are for little babies still suckling at their mommy’s breast.  Also, the debut of a new segment called D**k in a Vise where Rusty decides whether he’d rather do something like draft a certain player, anybody […]

Episode 2 – Great Quarterback Names and For Whom the Bell Tolls

On this episode, The Coach (43x Fantasy Champion and the man who invented the Flex position) and Rusty (who once lost Emmitt Smith in a divorce) talk about perhaps the BIGGEST predictor of success for NFL (and fantasy!) Quarterbacks: Their name. Spoiler alert: if you want your kid to be a successful NFL quarterback, don’t […]

Episode 1 – The 2019 NFL Draft Recap

In the inaugural episode of The Fantasy Domination Podcast, your hosts The Coach (17 time fantasy football champion… just last year) and Rusty (the man who brought Fantasy Football to Kazakhstan) share their thoughts on the dynasty fantasy football implications of the 2019 NFL Draft in their own particular way. Give us 30 minutes, we’ll […]