Episode 7 – RB Tiers

The Coach and Rusty are back from vacation and ready to get back into things. This week, preseason is heating up, so it’s time to look at more of our heroes’ unique tiers, this time for Running Backs. Where will podcast favorite Leonard Fournette end up? You’ll have to listen to find out!

You give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you the championship. And an extra 15 minutes, especially when there are lots of running backs to cover. 

Episode 6 – QB Tiers & QB Tears

The Coach and Rusty are BACK with another scintillating episode of the Fantasy Domination Podcast. In this episode, our heroes discuss the possibility of an 18 week NFL season and what that might mean for fantasy players. It also marks the beginning of our series on Dynasty positional tiers, starting with the Quarterbacks. It starts well, then goes to hell in a handbasket once Eli Manning is brought into play.

You give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you the championship. 

And if your podcast isn’t finished in 30 minutes (maybe because SOMEBODY couldn’t keep to time), the rest of the episode is FREE!

As an added bonus, here are the QB tiers discussed in the newest episode.

How our QB Tiers work

  • Youth rules in dynasty fantasy. You either have a guy you can build around for 5+ years, or you are playing year to year.
  • Every year, draft a rookie or second year QB. Worst case, he does nothing, best case he’s your starter. With the possible exception of this year, because the rookie QB class looks so bad.

The Dynasty Elite

  • Patrick Mahomes – His own tier, young with explosive offence, even with regression

Young Guns (young, talented, consistent, make guys around them better)

  • Andrew Luck
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Baker Mayfield

Young BB Guns (Young, talented, but major question marks and need a ‘prove it’ year)

  • Carson Wentz
  • Jared Goff
  • Dak Prescott
  • Mitch Trubinsky
  • Jimmy Garoppolo

Middle Agers (2-3 Year Window Guys – solid output, no upside. WYSIWYG)

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Russell Wilson
  • Cam Newton
  • Matt Stafford
  • Matt Ryan 

The “Great Verticals”- (All talent, no track record. Worth rostering if you are a bad or rebuilding team, but not ready for primetime)

  • Josh Allen
  • Sam Darnold
  • Lamar Jackson
  • Kyler Murray

The Old Guys (you don’t build around these guys, you play them year to year and hope for the best. draft/trade accordingly)

  • Tom Brady
  • Drew Brees 
  • Ben Roethlisberger
  • Phillip Rivers

The Meh (Serviceable, not great, but also not entirely hateable. You can do better.)

  • Andy Dalton
  • David Carr
  • Jameis Winston (too much talent around him to be a nope, but still a hard choice)

Just nopes (If you have to start these guys, you are either crippled by injuries or you don’t know how to play fantasy football)

  • Joe Flacco
  • Eli Manning
  • Kirk Cousins
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick/Josh Rosen
  • Marcus Mariota
  • Nick Foles
  • Whoever starts in Washington

Rookies not worth rostering

  • Daniel Jones
  • Drew Lock
  • Dwayne Haskins
  • Will Grier
  • Ryan Finley

Episode 5 – Mailbag Domination

We’ve got mail! On this Episode, our heroes The Coach and Rusty dive into the mailbag and answer listener questions around roster strategy and individual players. When should you start rebuilding? Is it ever too early to start trading in your dynasty league? What 3rd year receivers are poised to have the stereotypical breakout? How far would you go to acquire a dynasty lottery ticket on the cheap? Kareem Hunt Far? TYREKE HILL FAR? All these questions and more, answered.

You give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you the championship.

(Unless there’s a lot of mail. Then maybe give us a little more than 30. BUT WE’LL PAY IT BACK TENFOLD!)

Episode 4 – Party Like It’s 1999

Rather than obsess over 6th round rookie wide receivers “lighting it up” in mandatory minicamps against scrub-level talents, our heroes The Coach and Rusty instead hop in The Wayback Machine and take us on a trip down memory lane to the glorious fantasy football season known as 1999. 

Besides learning that fantasy football was a different game back then, we also learn that Rusty can’t remember anything about pop culture from that time because he was too busy winning fantasy football titles, and being a serial nuptialist.

You give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you the championship.

Episode 3 – Why Dynasty Leagues Rule and Dick in a Vise

In this Episode, The Coach and Rusty talk about all the reasons why Dynasty leagues rule, and Redraft leagues are for little babies still suckling at their mommy’s breast. 

Also, the debut of a new segment called D**k in a Vise where Rusty decides whether he’d rather do something like draft a certain player, anybody from a particular team, or would he rather put his man-bits in a vise and squeeze them because the pain is better than trying to rely on Leonard Fournette again. 

You give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you the championship.

Episode 2 – Great Quarterback Names and For Whom the Bell Tolls

On this episode, The Coach (43x Fantasy Champion and the man who invented the Flex position) and Rusty (who once lost Emmitt Smith in a divorce) talk about perhaps the BIGGEST predictor of success for NFL (and fantasy!) Quarterbacks: Their name. Spoiler alert: if you want your kid to be a successful NFL quarterback, don’t give them a name with initials.

Also, a special segment called For Whom the Bell Tolls, where we take running backs with fantasy questions surrounding them, and deciding whether we’d rather have them, or LeVeon Bell. 

Finally, we top it all off with another classic edition of Rusty’s Rants.

Episode 1 – The 2019 NFL Draft Recap

In the inaugural episode of The Fantasy Domination Podcast, your hosts The Coach (17 time fantasy football champion… just last year) and Rusty (the man who brought Fantasy Football to Kazakhstan) share their thoughts on the dynasty fantasy football implications of the 2019 NFL Draft in their own particular way. Give us 30 minutes, we’ll give you a championship.